Opening ears and eyes:
The Klang Gestalten Violin Exhibition in Hamburg


Andreas Hampel and Susanne Riebesehl,
Violin makers and restorers.

Bahrenfelder Strasse 15
D-22765 Hamburg

Member of AEL and VSA.

Open by appointment.

Phone: +49. 40. 391277



Since 1997, 22 professional violinmakers and bowmakers set up an international network. They exchange. They learn. And they inspire each other.

They also perform together - KLANG GESTALTEN is the name of their annual exhibition, too. Musicians and makers meet in a relaxed atmosphere. They talk. They appraise their instruments and listen to concerts being played with the exhibited pieces. Thus they whet their appetites for sound.

For November 2017, Klanggestalten again invites musicians to come to Vienna: The Musikhochschule, will host the exhibition from November 17th to 19th, 2017.

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contact: Bärbel Bellinghausen
phone: +43. 699. 11547415
or via

KLANG GESTALTEN - Violinmakers

  Brussels: Thomas Bertrand
  Cremona: Gaspar Borchardt
  Cully / Lausanne: Michael Stürzenhofecker
  Dinklar / Hildesheim: Benjamin Hickmott
  Haldenwang / Kempten: Konrad Stoll
  Hamburg: Andreas Hampel & Susanne Riebesehl
  Konstanz: Ulrich Becker
  Munich: Burkhard Eickhoff
  Neu-Meteln / Schwerin: Dorte Weishaupt-Moinian
  Offenburg: Bertrand Bellin
  Plauen: Haiko Seifert
  Vienna: Bärbel Bellinghausen
  Weimar: Jean Severin


  Barcelona / ES: Dirk Löscher
  Brussels / BE: Robert Pierce
  Carlow / Ireland: Noel Burke
  Marseille / F: Jean-Pascal Nehr
  Plauen: Rüdiger Pfau
  Regnitzlosau: Gerald Knoll
  Toulouse / F: Stéphane Muller

Contact to the violin- and bowmakers:

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