The great masters worked free-hand. With their feelings, their senses. And without callipers or computers.
Their masterpieces are slightly asymmetrical, just as faces are. And just as unique.
Their tone is unrivalled. But one can approach them.

Most crucial is to dive deep into the traditional work processes. Andreas knows the originals -
they lay on his workbench. Some come to be restored by Andreas' wife Susanne, and provide many insights into classical approaches.

In fact, there is no big secret. Only an abundance of subtleties. "Explore. Trial. Listen. Trial again. Good." explains Andreas. Here, he can trust his intuition, which has grown from long experience.

And so, Andreas' instruments aren't just loud, they project. They're not grainy, but clear. Not sharp, but brilliant.
And not only striking or only lyrical or only bright or only dark.
But complex, multicoloured and three-dimensional.