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KlangGestalten Exhibition, Berlin, October 2018:

"Violin ‘motor technique’ & the maintenance of string instruments”

Vienna University of Music and the Performing Arts,

November 2017:

“The soundpost: the unit controlling the violin’s sound. An overview of the acoustical basics, along with live soundpost setting viewed with an endoscopic camera.”

- in collaboration with Andreas Hudelmayer (London) and David Frühwirth (Munich)

KlangGestalten Workshop Fertans (France), May 2016:

“The best possible bridge curvature in order to ensure optimal playing, taking three essential factors into account: fingerboard geometry, string diameter and string tension”


THE STRAD 1/2018: "Making Matters: How bold is a Strad?"

Geometric analysis of classical violin archings.


THE STRAD 11/2016: "The Obialto. Finding a new form for a contemparary viola"

- in collaborations with Harry Mairson, Brandeins University (MA)

     → the Obialto Project

     → pdf by Harry Mairson

Photo credits:

Header: © Andreas Nonn, Krefeld

Formel 1 Boxenstopp: © Richard Purgstaller, Knittelfeld (AT)

Foto Stegrundung: © Andreas Nonn, Krefeld


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